Creative Coaching

It is my passion to inspire people to feel the excitement of life.  

Together we can identify what beliefs are getting in the way of your success.  

Together we can discover what makes YOU UNIQUE.

My own transformation was made possible from identifying what I love and discovering my uniqueness which has allowed me to live a richer and fuller life. 

What to expect in a creative coaching session

You will come to my intimate and light filled studio which is relaxing and I provide a nurturing environment.  I will ask some key questions  which highlight what obstacles are in the way of your success. Then by  drawing/painting an issue you are concerned about - together we can identify what is holding you back tracing it back to it's original source. Having an awareness of a quality that may not be serving you well is an excellent positive step towards knowing what to replace it with. Finding the freedom to express yourself creates a positive shift towards your fulfilment.  I will be a supportive voice which can guide you creatively to take action and find your inner strength and voice.

Please contact me here or call 0403 445 211. 

I offer one hour one-to-one coaching sessions at my studio and follow-up sessions also possible via Skype/Phone/Facetime.  

​Achieve more of what you desire:

  • more confidence 
  • more inspiration
  • more motivation
  • more success
  • more fulfilment​

 Feel empowered to be the best version of yourself and really live your life.